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Friday 2 September 2011

Video of Derby from the top of the Cathedral in 1994, take a Nostalgic look back at Derby.

I took this video footage way back in 1994 on one of the Derby Cathedral Tower open days. I posted this YouTuebe video in June 2009 before I started my blog so thought I would give it a plug in case you have not seen it before. I have put lots of information below this video about points of interest you can see in the footage.

My video footage of Derby as seen from the top of Derby Cathedral in 1994

My video is best watched in 480p mode and fullscreen.

Until recently I had forgotten that I had taken this, it was on an old Hi8 analogue video tape,
The camcorder I had shot it with had gone faulty many years ago but thankfully eBay came to the rescue where I was able to buy a cheap second hand camcorder that supported playback of analogue Hi8 recordings.

Information about the old footage:
Watching this footage you forget just how much the City has changed in the last 17 years.
This was a time before The Westfield, The Quad, The Cathedral Swing Bridge, Pride Park, Cockpit island car park the new Derby bus station etc.

Do you remember "The hole" as it was known opposite the Council House?

Some points of interest (with time code):
0:10 The view we see here is looking towards where Joseph Right college is located today. As you can see back then it was just a triangle
of land with trees on it. Also in this view you can see Brookbridge apartments on Brook Street (then it was Rykneld Tean Mill).
Chapel Street car park with BBC radio Derby (yellow building) behind it.
0:21 At the top of the hill you can see Mackworth Water Tower.
0:27 The white building centre of screen was the Greyhound Stadium, today this facade is the entrance to Vernon Gate.
0:34 This is looking down onto Iron Gate following it down to the Corn Market.
0:55 The Corn Market
0:57 Gates at the end of the Corn Market, they took these down a few years ago.
1:00 The bottom of Babington Lane (Waterstones building)
1:03 Notice that there is no Westfield, instead its C&A.
1:05 At the end of Leopold Street ,there was an Indian Restaurant "Shabuj Bagan" that was demolished a few years ago when the Westfield was being built.
1:10 Looking down on Iron Gate
1:19 Looking towards the Assembly Rooms.
1:32 "The Hole" as it became known, This large area of land opposite the Council house was boarded up for many years, Today this is the site of The Quad and the memorial gardens.
1:55 On the left you can see parts of the old Bus Station.
At the top of the view you can see the glass footbridge that used to connect the Eagle Centre Market
to the bus station. You could either goto the top floor of the bus station or walk down the two ramps down to the Morledge.
1:50 As you can see there was no cockpit island car park back then, it was still cockpitt Hill car park.
2:07 Looking down on the Electricity substation next to the Industrial Museum.
2:15 Here you can seethe old St Marys Goods yard on Mansfield Road. Landau Forte College is on the right of the view.
2:26 View looking down on the junction of Queen Street, it would appear that everyone used to drive RED cars!
2:37 The old Cathedral Green before the 2008/2009 makeover.
2:58 Derby Evening Telegraph offices on Meadow Lane
3:21 The famous "Derby in Bloom" flower bed on Full Street.
4:40 On the left is St Peters House on Gower Street on the right is the Hippodrome Theatre.
4:46 That church on Normanton Road/Burton Road corner.
If you spot a building thats changed in my footage then please comment on it with a timecode.
Hope you enjoy this unique vision into the past of Derby.

Photographs from the top of the Cathedral in 2001:

My 360 degree photograph inside the Cathedral :

If anyone out there has any old footage of Derby then do please get in touch.

To take in the view from the very same location but in 2009, watch :

I hope it stirs some memories for you.

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