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Thursday 24 June 2010

Derby streets used as massive backdrop to live Dance show in Illinois, USA

In February this year a choreographer from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois in America got in touch with me asking if he could use my staggered time-shifted Derby Streets at night video footage as a backdrop to a live Dance show he was working on. I created a special version of my video for him in and used DropBox to deliver the file to him.

My timelapse footage was displayed on a cyclorama at the back of the stage, this video projector screen measures about 30 foot by 30 foot.

How stange it is to be sitting here in Derby watching video footage of a dance show in the USA that features the streets of Derby as the background. If you watch closely you will see street signs for Outter Ring Road and A52. The distance between Derby and Winnetka, Illinois, USA is 3,845 Miles

The small video clip here is from this live show of original work called "it's not the way you roll; it's the way you merge" The complete show was 85 minutes long and was performed at The Cornog Auditorium, Northfield campus of New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL. U.S.A. in April 2010 by performed by Menz Dance at New Trier High School.

It was watched by the General public about 450 students and parents.

Explanation by the Choreographer, Christopher Rutt : This dance is an original work called "it's not the way you roll; it's the way you merge" It explores the culture of automobiles -- the sense of isolation in our own moving "bubbles," the power struggles/jockeying for first place, the hypnotic trance of high speed travel, etc. The costumes are intended to evoke crash test dummies -- impersonal, unemotional, homogenous.

This dance is a "work in progress."

The performers are 17 high school boys from the Men's Dance class at New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois.

Here is a link to my original time-lapse video of which I created a special version of for
the show : www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwq1OgZGfro

I would like to thank Christopher Rutt and the Dance Students for allowing me to show this small clip which features my time-lapse driving video.

If you were wondering which Derby Streets are featured in the backdrop, here is a list :
Driving Route : Starting on Holcombe Street in Pear Tree, Derby Left onto Dairy House Road, Pear Tree Road, Normanton Road, Mill Hill Lane, Mount Street, Burton Road, Abbey Street, Macklin Street, Becket Street, Wardwick, Cheapside, Strand, Wardwick, Cheapside, Bold Lane, Cathedral Road, Full Street, Corporation Street, Morledge, St Alkmunds Way, Ford Street, Stafford Street, Friary Lane, Curzon
Street, Uttoxeter New Road, Corden Avenue, Chain Lane, Burton Road, Manor Road, Uttoxter New Road, Uttoxeter Old Road, Friar Gate, Bridge Street, Agard Street, Ford Street, Friar Gate, Vernon Street, South Street, Uttoxter Old road, Slack Lane, Cheviot Street, Lyttelton Street, Brakensdale Avenue.

Hope you found this blogpost of interest, Really putting Derby on the global map here!

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