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Friday 21 September 2012

Costco Mince Pies are THE best mince pies ever. And not just for Christmas!

There are mince pies and then there are Costco mince pies.
If you have discovered the recipe for how to make this type of mince pie then please share the secret on here as I'm sure people would like to know how to make these at home.

Do you like quality tasty mince pies? I mean proper nice ones not Mr Kipling ones.
I love cakes that are extra nice and stand out amongst the crowd. By far the best mince pies I have ever tasted are the ones made under the Kirkland brand and sold in Costco, their Mince Pies really are awesome.

They have just the right amount of filling and the sponge top is a nice surprise. Some luxury branded mince pies have too much filling or too much alcohol, these Costco ones are utter perfection.

Costco make these mince pies fresh at their in-store bakery. They are sold in packs of 11 as you can see below for £4.49. The best before date is normally around 4 days.

These are no ordinary mince pie, They are 4" (10cm) across, 1" (2.5cm) deep and each pie is 110grams !
They come in packs of 11 or you can buy one from the food counter.

A close up of the Costco mince pie showing that lovely sponge top and filling :
Close up showing the sponge top
And whats great is that they start selling them well before Christmas. In fact I have just bought some today (September 21st) from Costco on Pride Park, Derby. I think they may well have been selling them a few weeks before this as I noticed individual ones for sale at the food counter. By the way if your a fan of Police Interceptors then you may well see PC Gary Wilson at the food counter in Costco Derby as I have seem him there a couple of times now :)

Here is the tray of Kirkland mince pies from Costco :
Costco Mince Pies, pack of 11

A Costco mince pie cut in half :
A Costco Mince Pie cut in two.

These mince pies taste even better with a dollop of creme fraiche. I have never tried them warmed up but I guess that will also make them even better still. I did not want to destroy the texture by heating it up in a microwave.

Hope this made your mouth water !

Costco Derby : Video of how to get there by car.

Are you a fan of Mince Pies too? You may be interested in this dedicated blog to the humble Mince Pie :

If you have discovered the recipe for how to make this type of mince pie with  a sponge top then please share the secret on here as I'm sure people would like to know how to make these at home.



  1. This is an interesting pie. I shall have to become a member or find someone I know who is already a member to get me some! If you're interested, have a look at the pies i've been eating at www.themincepieadministration.blogspot.com

  2. I love these too If you want to make you own you can find the recipe here http://www.celtnet.org.uk/recipes/miscellaneous/fetch-recipe.php?rid=misc-dundee-mince-pie

    They are a sponge topped mince pie
    hope this feeds your passion

  3. Amazing, I agree, sat here eating one right now, and I got them from the same Costco too. #CostcoDerbyMincePies

    1. Hi Jordan, Yes these ones are just amazing. No other pie has a sponge top and they are so large too and not stingy on the filling. I wish I had one right now :)

  4. They certainly are delicious and not just in Derby. We are massive fans of them down in Essex too! Thanks for the Dundee Mince Pie recipe, will certainly give it a try but I suspect it won't be as tasty or as cost effective as the Costco ones!

  5. these mince pies are so nice just eating one now got mine at Costco Birmingham