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Wednesday 16 September 2009

Video, Driving from Belper to Heage Windmill.

I created this video so you can see how to get to Heage Windmill from the town of Belper, Derbyshire. Why not go and see this windmill in action this weekend!

Use my Heage Route Planning Map if you want to plan YOUR journey to this windmill, Just click on the blue car in the midle of the map then click "Get directions".

Heage Windmill in Derbyshire, U.K. is the only working 6 sailed stone tower mill in Britain, The windmill became operational in 1797.
Heage Windmill was originally called Nether Heage Old Tower Mill, the gritstone tower was built by Edmund Lee in 1745 and originally had 4 sails,
During a severe gale in 1894 , its cap was blown off and the sails destroyed. The four sails were replaced with six sails.
A preservation order was placed on the mill in 1966 and the mill was restored by Derbyshire County Council
In 1997 after years of neglect the Heage windmill society was formed, with an aim to bring the mill back to working order.
Heage windmill was opened to the public on the 1st June 2002.

For more information on this mill such as opening times please visit their website:
Heage Windmill website:

If you want to see more details then please click on the "HD" button so it turns red, then click the fullscreen icon. (you will need a fast pc and fast broadband connection to cope with it!).

The name Heage comes from the Old English and means "high edge or ridge".
Heage village is 2 miles west of Ripley, 2 1/2 miles North East of Belper set on rising ground above the river Derwent east of Ambergate.

I would like to thank Brian Naylor and Alan Gifford for arranging for the windmill to be open for my driving video.

Follow the driving route using my interactive map

*** This video is not real-time, it is time-lapse ***
The real driving time covered 9 minutes

Points of Interest on route:
0:00 View of Heage Windmill from Church Street.
0:31 Start of drive at Derby Road (A6) Belper.
0:33 Belper Orangery (Mc Donalds) ahead, Left is Morrisons and Focus.
0:39 Right at island and up New Road (A609)
1:00 Over traffic lights and up Cheapside.
1:08 Belper Market Place on the right, Top of King Street on the left.
1:11 Left into Chesterfield Road (B6013), carry on going on this road.
2:58 Left into Church Street.
2:59 The White Hart public house.
3:14 Left into the entrance road for Heage Windmill
3:38 Visitor parking is here on the right side.
3:57 Four shots of the Windmill in action, two from my VR tour.

Music Credits :
Dragon Fly by Lustful
Licensed under Creative Commons

If you visit Heage Windmill then you will be able to have a go on my Virtual Reality Tour at the visitor centre.

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