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Monday 23 August 2010

Visit Sheffield by train from Derby using a Derbyshire Wayfarer to save lots of money.

Sheffield is a city just 35 minutes away from Derby by Train.

Sheffield currently has a big wheel located on Fargate, seeing as Derby are not having one this year why not have a ride on their wheel. The Wheel of Sheffield costs £6.50 for Adults/£4.50 for Children and the 60m high ride lasts for about 13 minutes. You can book it online using the web address above.

There is a special train ticket that you can get that I've not heard of before but the savings you can make
are pretty good.
Normally two return train tickets Derby to Sheffield would cost £34.80 (or £26 if you manage to catch one of the few cheaper journeys available)
But if you ask for a Derbyshire Wayfarer all day travel ticket then it will only cost you £15.10 !.
Not only that but for £15.10 you can actually take three children as well.
Not only that but you can use the Derbyshire Wayfarer on all buses in Derbyshire.
Not only that but you can also make unlimited journeys all day on both train and bus.
As you can see the Derbyshire Wayfarer is outstanding value and well worth it.
For a single person the Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket costs £8.90 (includes one child) so even that's cheaper
than buying a normal return train ticket. (Derby to Sheffield=£8.70 + Sheffield to Derby=£8.70 Total=£17.40). You save £8.50

It consists of a single normal train ticket that is stuck onto a blue "Derbyshire Wayfarer" card, you only get one ticket regardless of how many are travelling on it, its just the price paid that indicates how many it covers. Of course you cant put the ticket through the automatic ticket barrier at Derby Railway Station because of the card its stuck on so you simply show the ticket to the guard and they let you though.

In the month of August there is a free daily tour of the town hall which takes place at 2pm each day. Just
meet in the reception of the hall to go on the tour. The tour lasts about an hour and is very interesting if
you are into history.
Sheffield Town Hall was officially opened on 21st May, 1897 by Queen Victoria, you can see a photograph of the opening day in a display case in the reception of the Town Hall, during the tour they will tell you about the key she turned to open the doors.
There are plenty of places to visit such as the Crucible Theatre, The Winter Gardens, Sheffield Museum.

At some point in the next week or so I will be posting a video of Sheffield that I took of some of the sights
and a tour of the Town Hall.

If you have not been to Sheffield before or have not visited for a few years then why not take a trip there.

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