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Friday 16 March 2012

Video of Car Journey from Derby to Duffield in the snow.

I've been meaning to do this for ages, here it is at last a driving video in the snow.

This is a car journey from Derby to Duffield in the snow.
Filmed on Sunday 5th February 2012, starting at 11.22 in Derby and ending at St Alkmund's Chuch, Duffield at 11.36.  The footage is speeded up x2 normal speed.
Lower down I have listed timings for points of interest and road names etc.

Best viewed FULL SCREEN

Here is my video Derby to Duffield in the snow :

Or use this link :
Driving video from Derby to Duffield in the snow, February 2012.

Points of interest :
0:00 Stafford Street, Derby (inner ring road).
0:11 Left onto Friar Gate (A52)
0:13 Friar Gate Bridge built by Andrew Handyside. See my blog for more info - http://friargatebridge.blogspot.com/
0.25 Right onto Bridge Street
0:46 Becomes Lodge Lane
0:53 Left onto Garden Street
1:14 Snowman on the right next to the lamp
1:16 Left onto Duffield Road (A6)
2:12 Taxi going 10MPH
2:26 Taxi turning left, indicating after turning !
2:51 The Abbey Hill Island (A6/A38 Round-a-bout)
3:10 Car in middle of road !
3:52 Planning to turn left into Allestree Park but chaos in entrance so had to change mind as it was blocked by lots of cars.
4:06 Had to clean windows at this point due to road salt.
4:16 Becomes Derby Road (A6)
5:24 Right onto Makeney Road
5:53 Over Railway Bridge
6:04 Right down Church Drive.
06:05 St Alkmund's Church - http://stalkmundsduffield.co.uk
06:11 Right into Car Park
06:28 Time to get out of the car and take some nice snowy photographs around Duffield.

My photographs of Duffield

Other Derbyshire Villages :

Music used :
TerraNation - Open your eyes remix
Used under Creative Commons License

Hope you enjoy my latest driving video.


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