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Friday 18 May 2012

New to Derby and want to know what day which wheelie bins are collected? or where you can recycle your rubbish?

If you are new to Derby then you may want to know on what days which coloured wheelie bins and bags are collected.

Here is a very useful website that tells you what day to put which bins out.
You need to enter your post code and house number and it will tell you :

Derby City Council - When are my bins emptied?

It will even give you a link to a pdf calendar that you can print out!

In Derby City we have the following recycling bags and bins :
Red bag - Clothes
Blue bag - Papers
Orange bag - Cardboard

Blue bin - Plastic and glass
Brown bin - Garden and kitchen waste
Black bin - everything else.

Collections always start at 6.30am and go on until 4:00pm

Want to know in detail what you can put in which bag and bin the here are some leaflets :
Derby City council Bins and bags.


Also where can you recycle your rubbish in Derby?
As you may know last year Derby City council got rid of all of the recycling points around the city. The reason they did that was because everyone now has recycling bin collections.
But sometimes they miss your bin or perhaps you have extra rubbish or may be you were on holiday when you were due to put your bin out.

If they have missed your bin then you can fill in this form : Missed my bin.

A FULL bin collection service will still run in Derby during the Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday on Tuesday 5th June. Residents whose usual collection day is Tuesday should put their bins and recycling bags out before 6.30am as normal.

I have looked all over Derby for somewhere that still does recycling and managed to find one for you.
Tescos at Mickleover STILL do recycling!
Here are two photographs showing the recycling area as per May 2012.

Tesco Mickleover - Carboard and paper recycling area (May 2012)

Tesco Mickleover - Shoes,Clothes, books, Music and bottles recycling area (May 2012)
Map Location:
Google Streetview showing the recycling point at Tescos Mickleover, Derby, UK.

This Tescos is a 24 Hour store so you can recycle your stuff at any time of day or night!

Hope this is of use to someone.

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