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Sunday 9 August 2009

Derby Car Boot Sale - Better Boots, A new car boot for Derby!

This photograph was taken at the very first Betterboots Derby Car Boot Sale which was on Sunday 9th August 2009.

UPDATE October 11th : This car boot is now closed until spring 2010

This car boot sale is not too bad a size and is a good alternative to the one on Derby Cattle Market. Seemed to be well organised, plenty of booters to look around.

The difference with this car boot and others is that there is no need to get up at 5am and struggle trying to set up your items to sell while people are trying to buy stuff from you, looks like they have addressed this problem by having the booters setup time 8am-9am and only then are the buyers allowed in.

Location :
Its just off the main Nottingham Road between Borrowash and Risley
Sat Nav postcode : DE72 3PD

Entrance fees: Adults: 50p, Children: FREE, Parking is FREE.
The Boot Sale is open to buyers from 9am, The sellers Stalls can be set from 8am.

More info :
The Better Boots Website.

My Interactive Map for this Car Boot :

View Better Boots - Derby car boot sale in a larger map

I also made a driving video of how to get to Derbyboots from Chaddesden, Derby.
Watch the video here : Drive to Betterboots Derby Car Boot.


  1. Thanks for telling us about this car boot, we love booting and its nice to see a new one for the area. Tansley is quite good but this one looks like a good one, also means we will be able to have a bit of extra sleep on the morning :)

  2. We went to this car boot on Sunday and thought it was a good one. It was busy enough in terms of stalls and buyers to have a good atmosphere but not so busy that it felt like, well, like a "cattle market"!

    Plus it starts at a much more civilised time than the main cattle market one so will definitely be our first choice ongoing!

  3. betterboots.co.uk17 August 2009 at 23:52

    thanks to everyone for your comments we are trying to make this an enjoyable experience as opposed to the "january sale rush" we hope that buyers and public alike will find it a much more relaxed atmosphere than some boots we have attended if anyone has any suggestions as to improvements, (although on our 2nd boot we managed to lay the field out alot better than the first)please email us from oue web site happy booting from betterboots. www.betterboots.co.uk

  4. I think you will get as many buyers as sellers (hopefully more) if you ditched the admission fee.
    Don't know of any others that charge this.