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Sunday 23 August 2009

Willington car boot sale every Saturday and even Mondays !

This is Willington Car Boot Sale which takes place every Saturday morning, Yes SATURDAY !

This is held at Willington Sports and Social Club, There is a small amount of parking available at the back of the club and a large field opposite the car boot sale. Also a lot of buyers seem to park on Twyford Road (A5132) but you need to be careful parking on this road as its a rather fast road.
In good weather there are so many booters that they are on every bit of space around including the road side.

At one point this car boot sale was taking place on some land off Frizams Lane but they have not used that for a long time. This is one of those car boots that is not too large that you don't know where to start but not too small that there is hardly anything to buy. Or at least that's what I've found, being outdoors the weather is going to make a difference to how many booters are there.

Willington Car Boot used to have a website with lots of details about this car boot which was on www.krazybooters.com but that seems to be dead now.

The Saturday boot sale runs from March to the end of October.
Sellers are allowed to setup from 7am and buyers are allowed in at 8am
Entry price (on foot) is 50p for Adults, Kids are free.
A sellers Pitch is £7 for Cars and £10 for Vans and Trailers.

Willington Monday Car Boot Sale
The Monday car boot sale runs from June to September.
Monday sellers are allowed to setup from 9am and buyers are allowed in at 9:30am

As with most smaller car boots this starts to thin out at dinner time so get there early.

How to find Willington Car Boot Sale.
If you are viewing this blog on an iPhone in Safari then click the link below for a exact mapping point that you can use for driving directions on your iPhone.

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View Willington Car Boot Sale in a larger map

I have listed other local car boots on my blog, use the search box at the top/left of my blog to find them. Tansley being the most famous car boot.


1 comment:

  1. I must admit, this car boot was excellently organised at one time. I was a regular enjoying the banter and picking up the bargains. However this all ceased for me a few weeks ago around August time 2016 when I witnessed what can only be described as an attack on an elderly gentleman by a 'staff' member. I spoke to other people who witnessed this atriocity and I spoke to members of the staff fror their comments as well as the gentleman and his young daughter who accompanied him. Some of the staff and visitors were not aware of the reason for preventing this elderly gentleman from entering the main site. Others had said that their manager had 'screamed' orders to them to prevent these two people from entering the boot sale using whatever methods they could. The young lady who screamed the orders to the security staff was, apparently, one of the managers. She declined to comment on the incident. I asked the gentleman and his daughter what had happened to create such a scene. He said that he had parked on the car park across the road from where the incident had taken place and had paid his entrance fee to the car boot held in the football field area. Following that he crossed the road at the only place where he could see where there was any traffic control. When he and his daughter were halfway across the road, he heard a young lady shouting to come back and use the unmanned section 200yards along the road to cross. He and his daughter continued to the main car boot. That's when he met this torrent of abuse and bullying. Apparently, he was not given an opportunity to explain his actions. I could see that both him and his daughter were upset by the ordeal. He said that he had only followed others that had taken this safer, controlled route. This was confirmed by other witnesses. I understand that his entrance fees were refunded.
    I don't know whether this gentleman has returned to this venue but I, and others who witnessed this have not nor ever will.
    One of the people I spoke to said that this was not the first incident involving the security staff being heavy handed with a member of the public. They likened it more to the security provided by the Hell's Angels for pop groups and the usual disrespect that accompanies them.
    I have since discovered that the owners of this venue are a nice couple. It would appear the problems lie with the staff that they have employed to oversee this event.