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Friday 26 August 2011

That Lucozade TV advert is 'Buck Rogers' by The James Cleaver Quintet.

If you know my other websites then you will know I used to run one of the most popular UK TV advert websites ten years ago, before such things as online videos took off. Im still a fan of some adverts, these days they are very polished productions. One TV advert which caught my eye recently which I like a lot is a Lucozade one where this band are playing music while rolling down a very steep hill. A great idea and a nice track too.

Here is a screen grab of the band as they come down Albion Hill and take the corner down Grove Hill. Below the screen grab is the same location as captured by Google Streetview. As you can see looks like they painted the yellow Lucozade sign on that house, or perhaps they did it with C.G.I.?

Here is the video - Lucozade TV Advert 2011 - Feeder's 'Buck Rogers' by The James Cleaver Quintet.
See if you can spot the parts of the road as the band rolls down the hills.

The video starts on Albion Hill about HERE where Maud E Licious starts to play his guitar.

Once you have watched the video you may like to watch the making of the video.

Filming location for the Lucozade TV advert.
I have found the location that this great music video was filmed, its on Albion Hill and Grove Hill in Brighton, UK. Here here a link to the Google Streetview of this bend in the road.

I always enjoy finding the locations of where films and videos were shot, You get a real "eureka moment" when you are able to see the very same place that something was filmed. A few weeks ago I found the building used as MI5 in the TV Series Spooks. There are a few books you can get on finding famous filming locations :

If you own a smatphone (iPhone,HTC etc) then tap HERE and it will launch your mapping application so you can find the exact location where this music video starts.
The end of the video is on the roof of the building HERE.

I hope you found this of interest. If you have never seen my UK TV Adverts page before then have a look at it now. Its been featured in Web User magazine, Internet Video magazine and even in the MSN Entertainment Top 30 TV and Movie Sites !



  1. It is a very fun advert and shows the 'energy' from Lucozade but as you said I love finding local scenes that you have seen on the TV.

  2. I live on this road. The house WAS painted especially for the advert! They repainted the house after filming back to its original colour. The team who was filming etc were right outside my flat setting up the cameras and props