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Friday 15 June 2012

Video of a Saturday night Drive around Derby City Centre on 9th June 2012.

The drive starts at 00:01am (i.e actually Sunday Morning!)
Perhaps you were down town and were caugh on camera in my drive. Were you in the queues for the nightclubs down Wardwick or outside Coyote wild.

This is a real-time car journey around Derby, Derbyshire, UK. First time I have ever tried recording in the dark.

or click this link Saturday night drive around Derby City Centre in June 2012.

Points of interest
00:00 Cathedral Road
00:12 Left Cathedral Road continues
00:39 Ahead in Old Silk Mill pub
00:40 The Ye Olde Dolphin Inn (Derby's oldest pub)
00:42 Right onto Iron Gate
00:54 Right down St. Mary's Gate
01:05 On right here is Derby Cathedral Quarter Hotel
01:12 Bold Lane Car Park (Worlds safest car park)
01:20 Left onto Bold Lane
01:35 On the left side here is the bottom of Sadler Gate
01:45 Onto The Strand
02:03 white car looks like its going to hit the blue one!
02:09 Ahead is Coyote wild Derby, on the right is Revolution Bar
02:39 Right around onto Wardwick
03:11 Onto Friar Gate
03:45 Under Friar Gate Bridge
04:07 Right onto Bridge Street
04:17 Right onto Agard Street
04:40 Left into Ford Street (Derby Inner ring road)
04:56 BBC Radio Derby on the left
05:22 Right onto Cathedral Road
05:36 Left Cathedral Road continues
05:52 Full Street
06:25 Corporation Street
06:50 Morledge
07:06 On left is Holiday Inn hotel, Derby bus Station and Genting Casino
07:15 Westfield car park.

Driving route map

View Map for video - Saturday night Drive around Derby City Centre on 9th June 2012 in a larger map

This is a test of the "Low Lux" option on the camcorder, I think I should have selected manual focus though as the autofocus had problems, I had to do some serious sharpening to get it like this.

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

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