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Thursday 13 September 2012

Video of a fast drive at night from Derby to Swan Inn Pub in Milton, Derbyshire, September 2012.

Here is  my latest video A fast drive at night from Derby to Swan Inn Pub in Milton, Derbyshire, September 2012 HD.

The video :

Or click the link :  Fast drive at night from Derby to Swan Inn Pub in Milton, Derbyshire, September 2012.

This car journey is something a bit different to my usual "Derby streets by car" series of videos, as this one is filmed at night at 1080p HD.
I put the camera into Low Lux mode and turned off Auofocus, set manual focus to infinity.

This video is a fast drive at night from Derby to The Swan Inn Pub in Milton, Derbyshire.
Recorded on Wednesday 12th September 2012.
It starts in Sainsburys car park on Osmaston Park Road at 8:19pm and ends in the car park of the Swan Inn pub in Milton, Derbyshire at 8:40pm

Points of Interest
0:00 The Car Park at Sainsburys Osmaston Park Road store
0:22 Left onto Osmaston Park Road
0:25 Over the railway line
0:27 Entrance to Foresters leisure park on left
0:34 Oast House pub and Premier inn (Derby South)
0:36 Left down Sinfin Lane
0:50 Entrance to Foresters leisure park on left
0:58 Over railway line
1:32 Right onto Grampian Way
2:11 ASDA Sinfin Roundabout
2:31 Left onto Stenson Road
2:52 Over the A50
2:56 Stenson, Derbyshire
3:08 Stenson Bubble Pub and Hotel
3:11 Over the Trent and Mersey canal
3:17 Right onto Buckford Lane
3:46 Left onto Frizams Lane
4:07 Right onto Twyford Road (A5132)
4:08 Willington Cooling towers on right
4:32 On right side is where Willington Car Boot takes place on a Saturday
4:35 Willington, Derbyshire
4:57 Under railway line
5:03 Left onto Repton Road (A5008)
5:16 Becomes Willington Road
5:20 Over the River Trent
5:43 Repton, Derbyshire
5:57 Left down Brook End
6:07 Right up Milton Road
6:50 Milton, Derbyshire
6:53 Main Street
7:05 The Swan Inn Pub on the left (49 Main Street, Milton, Derbyshire,UK)

Perhaps your good at maths?
Total distance of driving route = 9.0 miles
Total real driving time = 19 minutes 45 seconds
Total speeded up driving time = 7 minutes 12 seconds
Average driving speed in this video is ?

The driving route map for my video:

View Driving route map for my video Derby to Swan Inn Pub in Milton in a larger map

Hope you enjoyed the night drive.

Music Credits :
Forest of Dreams by Platinum Butterfly
Used under creative commons license.

This is just a village pub but you can see Paul Young in Los Pacaminos perform here !!!!

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To learn more about the Derbyshire village of Milton, see my page :
Milton in Derbyshire.


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