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Saturday 22 September 2012

Video driving tour around Sir Francis-Ley Industrial Estate, Shaftesbury, Robinsons, Prime Industrial Estate Derby. Sep 2012

This is a video driving tour around Sir Francis-Ley Industrial Estate, Shaftesbury, Robinsons, Prime Industrial Estate in Derby, Derbyshire, UK. This was filmed in September 2012.

Perhaps you are looking for a business or going for a job interview then my video will help you locate where you need to go. Google Streetview has NOT been around these roads so this is a unique record of whats around this business park at this time.

My video tour around Sir Francis-Ley Industrial Estate:

Best played fullscreen at 720p if you can.

Here is a list of some of the businesses you will find on Sir Francis-Ley Industrial Estate aka Shaftesbury Industrial Park, Derby.
This business park incorporates Prime Industrial Park, Robinsons Industrial Estate, VALAD Industrial Park and New Chase business park.

If I have missed your business off my list then feel free to add them with the time and side of the road you will find them on and what you make.

Location Times :
0:00 Starting on Osmaston Road (A514) heading away from Derby City Centre.
0:10 Right into Shaftesbury Street.
0:31 Right into "Robinsons Industrial Estate"
0:32 Bob Storer's. Unit 23 Robinsons Industrial Estate. (on left side)
0:34 A J's Cafe Bar. Unit 21 Robinsons Industrial Estate. (on right side)
0:36 SS Tyres
0:38 Littleover Leisure Ltd
0:40 Littleover Apiaries Ltd. Honey producers. Unit 16 (on left side)
0:49 Desboroughs Garden Machinery. Unit 12 Robinsons Industrial Estate. (on left side)
0:53 Shaftesbury Fixings. unit 4. (on left side)
0:58 Morleys Automative and industirla paints and products
1:55 Davlyn Construction Ltd. Unit 5B (on right side)
1:58 Grangewood fencing supplies (on left side)
2:00 Aurora stove enameling. Unit 2A (on left side)
2:03 The Rhema Pentecostal Church. unit 8C (on left side)
2:04 Brightcross Insulation Ltd (on right side)
2:05 Rachel's Flying Sausage. (on right side)
2:05 Europe Tyres. Unit 2 (on left side)
2:10 Pirtek. Unit 3 (on left side)
2:12 Metallon Metal Recyclers (on left side)
2:18 PTS Derby Sir Francis Ley, Unit 2. (on right side)
2:22 MJS Fabrications Ltd (on left side)
2:24 ERIKS UK, Industrial Distribution Service Centre. Unit 4. (on right side)
2:28 CPL Print Ltd (on right side)
2:28 Derby City Glass Ltd. 13 Shaftesbury Street South (on left side)
2:48 Abbas Motor Services (on left side)
2:53 Dcm Healthcare. 33 Shaftesbury Street South (on left side)
2:57 Seamers Shopfitters. 35 Shaftesbury Street South (on left side)
2:59 Ahead is S&A Foods Ltd. 37 Shaftesbury Street South.
3:03 MDH Savage - Trophy And Medal Suppliers. (on right side)
3:04 CoMech Metrology Ltd. 10 Castings Road (on right side)
3:06 Morris Minor Owners Club Ltd. 8 Castings Road (on right side)
3:33 Camille lingerie. Unit 2 Cotton Brook Road (Ahead).
4:07 Auto Test Centre. 13 Castings Road (on left side)
4:18 Leaving Shaftesbury Industrial Park
4:23 Left onto Coronation Street.
4:29 Ahead is the national Sikh museum, Derby
4:35 Lfft onto Princes Street
4:36 Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara and entrance to national Sikh museum.
4:41 Ahead is all S&A Foods.
5:00 Left onto Pear Tree Crescent
5:29 Right onto Portland Street
5:30 The Chestnut Tree Pub. 174 Portland Street.

Here is the driving route map :

You may find this video of interest as its roads connect with this one


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